• 2015Announcement of the new Eve, & Inferno Smartband
    ...In progress...
  • 2014Close to 4000 devices sold
    By December 31, 2014, Orbra ITC had sold close to 4000 devices.
  • 2014The First Orbra Eve
    In March 2014, we announced and released the first Orbra Eve. It was the first Android smartphone to feature a full HD 18MP back camera. It was a success.
  • 2013Released & Announced the Orbra Powerbank
    In December 2013, We announced and released a the first Orbra Powerbank. Its the first 12000mAh power bank made by Nigerians.
  • 2013Announced & Released the first Orbra Inferno and the Orbra Avalanche
    In October 2013, we announce and released the first Orbra Inferno Tablet PC. It was a great success and it competed well with leading products in the market at the time.

    We also released the Orbra Avalanche smartphone. It was also a success.
  • 2013The New Orbra LOGO
    We also unveiled the new Orbra LOGO.
  • 2013Announced the Orbra Avalanche
    In February 2013, we made the first official announcement of the first Orbra Avalanche Smartphone by Orbra ITC.
  • 2012Development of The Orbra Avalanche
    The whole of 2012 was spent on the development of the Orbra Avalanche.
  • 2011The Search for Investors
  • 2011Steve Jobs Died
    October 5, 2011 was a sad day for the ICT industry and a great day at the same time. The ICT industry lost a legend... Steve Paul Jobs; CEO and Co-founder Apple Computers.

    We admire and respect his work and the legacy he has left behind has kept lots of Tech geeks and entrepreneurs on their feet till today.
  • 2011First Orbra Tablet PC
    August 2011, We released our first Tablet PC although we didn't give it a particular name, we were proud of it. It wouldn't survive in the market now, but then it was a big deal.
  • 2011Began Intense Research into Mobile Devices Production
    June 2011, We began intense research into how really affordable but good quality tablet pcs can be produced for the Nigerian market.
  • 2011Moved to Lagos, Nigeria
    In April 2011, Orbra ITC moved her operation to Lagos Nigeria. Ile-Ife was getting boring... LOL. We were getting more jobs from Lagos so it was just wise to move.
  • 2010Registered
    Orbra ITC was registered as a Business Name with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria in July 2010.
  • 2009Founded
    Orbra ITC was founded in December 2009 as a general ICT services company by Ololade Otayemi at the Age of 18 during his undergraduate days in OAU, Ile-Ife, Nigeria with a team of 12 Vibrant minds. The first meeting was held on the 1st of December 2009 in an outdoor restaurant.

    The Company Delivered the best Web Development and Software development service to various companies and organisations all over the country.