The new Inferno

You hold it in your hands and suddenly,
you feel you can conquer the world...
You can! Just do it!

The Orbra Inferno 2

Sleek is in the detail
We know that beyond functionality, you love sleekness too, you love elegance. So we made a device that gives you both. The Inferno features a sleek design with the perfect finish. We paid attention to every detail without compromising quality.

Ololade Otayemi - Team Lead

Power up with OrbraPower+

We know that a great Tablet PC is not truly great without an excellent battery life. We specially designed a power optimisation system to help keep your device powered for as long as 24hours. The Orbra Power+ is a synchronised system of apps, internal coding and hardware.
How it works: The OrbraPower+ is activated everytime your phone's screen goes off. It simply deactivates all processes on your phone except for calls and sms for a minimum of 30 minutes and updates them for 1 minute before turning them off again. This only happens when your display is off. This helps keep your CPU cool so your phone is not unnecessarily hot which aids better processing, better charging and increased battery life.

Crystal Clear Display

A great Tablet PC is not complete without excellent display. The Inferno has a great full High Definition display with an ultra-sensitive touch panel. The inferno features a display that is soothing to the eyes and smooth to touch. You can look into your device for hours without your sight being affected.

Efficient Multitasking

Octa-core (8) Processor 1.7GHz per core 2GB RAM

Crystal Clear Display

7.0 inch screen
1920 x 1200 px resolution

High Quality Pictures

14MP back camera
5MP front camera

3D sound

3D speakers
Enhanced sound clarity

Orbra Inferno 2